Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Has anyone else lost Canada?

I certainly hope no one
else has suffered my con-
fusion, bordering on dis-
may, at the sudden loss
of an entire dominion 
from one's circulation.
And such a stalwart has
Canada been - to all of
us, I'm sure - that to
go without its sighting
in one's Stats can be a
shock. Just as readily,
thankfully, Canada re-
sumes its vaunted place. 

Origins of Wednesday viii: the sowing harvest

We've been out again
  on the backroads,
buying things. Here's
  a permanent harvest:
an apple and four cherries
stenciled on a chair-back,

the arm-wood glowing,
  so human,
from within, where the
  red paint's
been worn away by 
  how many arms
at rest. Polished and

by the blue table and
  the windows
that frame the back gar-
it's a true consolation,
necessary, become this

through its own wearing
by use, festive with its
fruit. Anything lived into
  long enough
becomes an orchard.

              I love the brooks 
              which down their 
              channels fret

              Even more than when
              I tripped lightly
              as they

Mark Doty
My Alexandria
  The Wings
T.S. Eliot Prize
op. cit.

William Wordsworth
Intimations of Immortality
  from Recollections of Early
Poetry Foundation, 2014©

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flat earth foreign policy

  Just in time to fuse those fis-
  sures wrought by globalisation's
  compulsory collisions of socie-
  ties once suspended in some au-
  tonomy, the voices of its deep-
  est-vested interests have begun
  to draw up lists of approved re-
  ligions, to insulate its hypoc-
  risies from creeds of violent
  resistance. It's not about mod-
  ernity, it's about impunity, the
  promised land of justification.

  No one can profess to be embar-
  rassed to find an American pres-
  ident leading the way to selec-
  tive orthodoxy; but that it has 
  to be an American president, ex- 
  poses the source of the strain.

Full marks

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